T.M. Hunt Custom Knives

Todd Hunt, owner of T. M. Hunt Custom Knives, grew up in Seymour, Indiana and from a very young-age, he remembers standing on a milk crate watching his father making knives as a hobby. “It always amazed me how something so useful could be made with nothing more than a couple of tools, and some hard-work,” explains Todd. It forged a lasting image of craftsmanship and what a quality tool was supposed to be. Throughout life, Todd has enjoyed hobbies such as hunting, fishing, camping, martial arts, and metal fabrication; which always advanced his understanding in the use of knives. His career in the machining trade taught him the properties materials and metallurgy.
In 2013, he quit his full-time job of almost 20 years to pursue his passion, and set out to try to reintroduce fine craftsmanship, a sense of accomplishment, and pride in his products through hand crafted cutlery. Todd has sold knives in over a dozen different countries, has been featured in 6 different magazines to date, sold knives to celebrities, and even had his knives featured on the Food Network and the Discovery Channel. (Pretty good considering each piece is painstakingly made entirely by hand, one at a time at his home shop!)
Todd’s work has been featured in the following publications:
Self Reliance Illustrated Issue #14 (Cover Article), Tactical Knives Magazine September 2013 Issue (Feature Article), S.W.A.T. Magazine July 2013 Issue (Feature Article), Self Reliance Illustrated Issue #22, The New Pioneer Magazine Spring 2015 Issue (Review), Woods Monkey May 2015 Issue, and Todd has been featured in The Knife Journal and Murphnuge’s Podcasts.
Todd is a phenomenal craftsman with rock solid integrity and unparalleled ethical standards. This is evident in his work and you can feel the sense of pride in each piece he makes. If you own one of his creations you will be as proud to own it as he was to make it for you. And that’s a guarantee.

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