Spartan Blades


Curtis Lovito and Mark Carey, co-founders of Spartan Blades, possess over 40 years of combined military service and experience with US Army Special Forces. Following retirement from the military, they have been involved in the development of tactical gear and ballistic armor products. For years Curtis had designed and made custom knives for his friends in Special Forces and for other companies. Mark and Curtis combined their shared love of knife making, military experience and knowledge of the tactical equipment market to form Spartan Blades in 2008, with a singular mission: It is the intent of Spartan Blades to provide the modern warrior and outdoorsman with knives that will serve them in a variety of missions and environments. Our intent is not to provide a cool knife, but rather produce a knife that is highly functional, made from only premium materials and techniques, that looks great too!

All Spartan knives are made in North Carolina with only US origin materials in small batches with attention to detail in every step. Our Sheaths are made by US / US veteran owned businesses using only the best US Origin / Berry Amendment compliant materials. Both Mark and Curtis have spent a lifetime in the service of, and working to advance the interests of our country. Spartan Blades will do the same by only manufacturing in the U.S.A. with the highest quality domestically produced materials. Additionally, Spartan Blades utilizes other veteran owned small businesses in meeting our mission.
Spartan Blades, LLC is located in Southern Pines, NC just west of Ft Bragg, NC; “Home of the US Army Airborne and Special Forces”.
Spartan Blades are “Knives with Intent”!

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