Rowland Cutlery

Olde Towne is proud to announce a new brand to our offering, Rowland Cutlery! Tim Rowland of Rowland Cutlery has been making custom kitchen knives for over 10 years.

Tim has a unique background of working as an Executive Chef in high-end hotels for 17 years and in the kitchen industry for 21 years. So, he knows what people look for when seeking out the perfect kitchen knife! Knife making and handle woodworking is a part-time hobby that Tim enjoys.

Tim has made many styles of knives. He became fond of the Japanese Wa style when a fellow co-worker let him use a Takeda Gyuto. He couldn’t understand how a knife could glide through ingredients so effortlessly and how it could be so sharp! Tim decided then to learn all he could about the traditional Japanese style, blades, shapes, proper use, and their mythical samurai powers!

Tim started making the traditional Japanese Wa handles and re-handled many knives, until it turned into a small business. His product is definitely one that will “wow” you! He began doing the stock removal process about 2 years ago.

Tim uses mainly 52100 carbon steel and AEB-L stainless for his style of cutlery. When making the Japanese Wa style he likes to hand select exotic woods from around the globe. He then finishes the knives with a mix of natural orange oil and bees wax for sealing.

Tim wants to be able to smelt and forge his own billet of tamahagane into a personal heirloom gyuto one day! If you are lucky enough to own a Rowland Cutlery knife, you will not be disappointed in the fit, finish and execution!

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