RLO Custom Leather

Rick began making sheaths for his own custom knives and for Andy Roy at Fiddleback Forge. Soon he developed a following and started making sheaths full-time for several custom makers. Since then his business has taken off and Rick now makes sheaths for Fiddlebacks, W.A.Surls, and he makes all of our sheaths for our brand name slip joints and Due South fixed blades here at Olde Towne Cutlery. Rick makes beautiful custom leather sheaths; each fitted to the specific pattern listed, so that the knife is very snug in position. Rick uses only premium grade cowhide shoulder, and each is oil tanned with a black edge treatment. The stitching is set in a groove to minimize tear out and every sheath has a welt to prevent the blade from cutting the stitch. These are all extremely high quality custom sheaths. If you would like something with additional embellishments, let us know and we can have this made for you.

This video will show you the superb quality of RLO Custom Leather

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