Queen Cutlery was America’s oldest knife manufacturer. Sadly, the factory closed its doors in early 2018 and there are no plans to reopen. The following is an excerpt from the Queen literature:


Knives were made continuously here since 1902. Preserved within this old building on 507 Chestnut Street in an unequalled commitment to the American Cutlery tradition, from a time when craftsmanship and quality towered overall. Every knife made in the Queen factory today is continuing that tradition of quality that began in 1902. Each person who has a hand in making a knife within these hallowed walls is fully aware that their work-and craftsmanship-is being overseen by the ghosts and legacy of cutlers who made knives at this same location over a century ago.

In that unique way, the walls of the Titusville factory do indeed talk; still reflecting the whump of machinery, the tap of the cutlers adjusting hammer and the walk and talk of a finely crafted knife. The Old English Cutlers called the feel of a blade tang against the back spring the “walk” and the crisp snap of the blade closing when properly fitted the “talk”. A knife with “walk and talk” is a familiar term at Queen today, and when you own a Queen knife you will own a piece of history.

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