Novinc Knives

Kevin Novinc has always had a passion for knives. After reading an article about R.W. Loveless when he was college, Kevin immediately dove in and took a metal working class. This enabled him to create is first knife with simple tools and equipment, thus creating a lifelong passion in the knife industry.

Kevin was honored to meet and befriend Ron Gaston, an early Knifemakers’ Guild member. With this friendship, Kevin was privileged to work alongside and learn from Ron, as time allowed. To this day, Kevin still strives for the simplicity and functionality in knives that he learned from Ron.

Knife-making has become a passion of Kevin’s and over the years his tools and equipment have become more advanced. Kevin is known as a “100%er”, meaning that he does 100% of the work on his knives. From the shaping of steel to the final finish, Kevin pours his labor into each custom knife. He does everything by hand. No two knives are the same and each blade is ground to a finished product by his own hands and eyes.

Kevin’s wife, Amy, also plays an important role in Novinc Knives. Amy is the brains behind each custom leather sheath that comes with a Novinc Knife. The detail and work that she puts into each sheath will simply amaze you!

Kevin is a voting member of the North Carolina Knifemaker’s Guild. He is currently a probationary member of the National Knifemaker’s Guild, with the probation ending in 2019. Olde Towne Cutlery is proud to add this brand to our offering of custom knife-makers.

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