NO 7 Knife and Tool Company

If you haven’t met Dustin Sumner of NO 7 Knife and Tool Company yet, you are truly missing out! We were lucky enough to come across and meet Dustin at a GA Knifemakers Guild Meeting. When we spotted his work, we knew he was a great fit for all of Olde Towne Cutlery’s current and future customers. You will find that his work is spot-on, from the fit, to the finish and execution of the knife you pick!

Early in 2017 Dustin decided to combine his lifetime obsession with sharp things and a passion for metalworking. This combination created an overbuilt robust cutting tool that surpasses the industry standard. Dustin’s blades are carved from high carbon tool steel and wrapped in advanced synthetic materials, which results in a tool that will stand the test of time and be proudly passed on through many generations.

Dustin studied the art of flint napping for months to create the signature Native Stich texture pattern, which you will see in his work. We spotted this right away and thought it was an excellent compliment to his blades. This texture, combined with a specialized battleworn patina, creates what he believes to be the ultimate look and feel in a blade.

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