Kizer is the brand alternative for those seeking extremely high quality materials for a more budget friendly price. This product is made in Asia, but their processes use EDM machines to cut parts, and their tolerances are extremely tight. The quality of the finished product is superb, and Kizer is a great alternative for those who are not beholden to American made products. However, the designers of this product are largely American designers, and their influence can clearly be seen in most designs. This is a brand that offers a huge product line, American design, extremely high quality materials, and excellent execution.

Here at Olde Towne Cutlery we are big supporters of American companies and USA made product. However, we recognize that not everyone sees domestic production as a necessary criteria for a knife purchase, and we also recognize that importing products into American provides port jobs as well. So our position is; don’t just buy one or the other; buy some of every manufacturer and carry them all to see what you like best!

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