KH Daily Custom Knives

Kyle Daily, owner of KHDaily Knives, has been using knives in some form since he was a little boy. As a child, he always enjoyed helping his parents in the kitchen, assisting his uncle filleting fish, and finding small jobs to complete with knives. His love of knives was so strong that he may have forgotten to take them out of his pocket once or twice before going to school!

As a Mechanical Engineer, Kyle loves to problem solve and create functional pieces that solve every day problems. He worked at a machine shop during and after college and gained lots of relevant experience working with his hands. After moving to Chicago for an engineering job, he began to miss hands on fabrication.  After a co-worker introduced him to some knife makers and blade forums—he was hooked!

Since then, he started his own small business creating custom knives that have earned him recognition from Blade Magazine (via Twitter), as well as exhibiting his knives at the Blade Magazine Knife Show in Atlanta. His passion is in creating kitchen and backpacking knives, as well as specializing in unique file work patterns on their handles. Kyle takes great pride in making each knife by hand, so that it is a functional piece of art. His vast knowledge and incredible attention to detail are immediately apparent when you look at his knives, and nothing leaves his shop until it meets his exceptional standards.  You can see more of his custom knives at, and KHDaily Knives on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube.

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