Jarvis Knives

Jack Jarvis began making knives in 2011. He lives in north Georgia and is a great addition to the many other Georgia knife-makers we carry.

Jack pays close attention to the detail of his work to ensure top quality results. He uses micarta and G-10 on many of his knives, but more often gravitates to natural handles such as figured maple, walnut or ebony.

Jack works hard to design knives which stand out from other makers and will perform well. He works mostly with A2 tool, 1084 and CPMS30V stainless steel. Jack does his own heat treat on 1084 steel and he uses Paul Bos of Idaho (Buck Knives) to treat his A2 and stainless blades. Jack hand sands his satin blades to 600 grit, while mirror finished blades are taken to a 2,000 grit and then finished on a buffer.

Jarvis Knives comes with hand-stitched leather sheaths, made to fit each specific knife. The sheaths are hand stitched, hand tooled, and all edges burnished properly.

Jack’s knives, as well as the sheaths, are built to be of heirloom quality and if taken care of properly, will last generations.

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