HP Woodworks

Hunter Phillips, the owner of HP Woodworks, is a furniture maker located in Alpharetta, GA. Hunter prides himself on his attention to detail and has a passion for creating new designs. Hunter enjoys creating products, both small and large, that are built to last and exceed client expectations.

Hunter makes a variety of handmade goods that include beautifully crafted wooden cutting boards. Each cutting board features an Easy-Lift Edge design that makes using the product in your kitchen an absolute joy. Functionality is at the core of this product, but the visual appeal will never go unnoticed either. Hunter arranges a variety of wood species into eye-popping designs and finishes them with a homemade mixture of natural oils and waxes. This gives each board a protective coating while also staying food-safe.

Each cutting board that Hunter makes is unique and would be an excellent addition to your kitchen!

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