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Kyle Mellino is a Boston-born Georgia transplant that is an apprentice at Fiddleback Forge. As a young man, he nurtured a creative and mechanical curiosity. This developed into hand-crafted talents, and at a young-age he had become a certified luthier (instrument maker). Kyle says he has always loved knives, and carried a pocket knife since he was seven. Becoming a knife maker was a natural progression as his interest in the creative and mechanical intersected with another passion in culinary arts.

Kyle designs his knives to be highly functional and stylized, while providing the user with superb ergonomics. I have seen many of Kyle’s unfinished pieces, and his attention to detail is simply outstanding. If a glue line isn’t exactly right or if a bolster isn’t a dead match, it’s not good enough. This is the mark of a true craftsman.

Kyle says he was very fortunate to find the opportunity at Fiddleback Forge as this is fertile ground for someone with his dedication to the craft. This extremely talented family of knifemakers is exactly the environment in which Kyle thrives, and you can be assured that this young man will be a major known talent in the industry. We are honored to be the first dealer to represent Kyle on a major level, and we sincerely appreciate the interest in his work. In addition to the inventory below, check out Kyle’s work on Instagram at Gpknifeworks

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