GA KnifeMakers Guild


The Georgia Custom Knifemakers’ Guild is one of the most active Guilds in the country and surely has some of the best talent. Within this group you will find knifemakers that have over 40 years of experience, and others who are showing budding talent and fresh innovative ideas. The guild operates much as a collaborative organization and meets regularly to share expertise and wisdom. Within this group you will find names like Andy Roy, Allen Surls, and Dennis Bradley. Some of the finest work in the country is coming from these craftsmen and you will be proud to own a piece of their work.


The Guild is a non-profit entity dedicated to fostering and furthering the passion for custom knifemaking and related activities in Georgia. The Guild believes in promoting the craft through education and training and welcomes members of all skill level. All knife makers should consider joining a Guild and if you are in Georgia you are in luck!


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