Fiddleback Forge

Andy Roy and Fiddleback Forge have skyrocketed to super-stardom in the cutlery industry. The success is a direct result of phenomenal craftsmanship and outstanding attention to detail. Now with magazine cover stories and mainstream publications outside of the immediate industry taking notice of Fiddleback Forge, people all over the country are learning what they have been missing. And that is, Andy Roy is the best in class, hands-down.

In 2015 Andy was welcomed into the Knife Makers’ Guild.  Becoming a member of the guild is no easy process. It involves a recommendation for membership by multiple existing members of the guild, and a critical analysis of multiple handmade knives by the best knife makers in the world. Andy’s membership into the Knife Makers’ Guild not only shows the recognition of Andy’s handmade knife making skills, but reinforces his commitment to his craft and his customers.

Fiddleback Forge knives are working knives for working folks who seek a high-quality knife that matches their lifestyle and can be passed down to future generations.

Andy welcomes other knife makers, apprentices, local Georgia Custom Knife Makers’ Guild members (where Andy is also a member), and others to his shop to share his experience and appreciate for artistry in knives.

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