Ernest Wright

Ernest Wright is the finest scissor maker in the world. At one point there were hundreds of scissor making companies in Sheffield, England. Today, there is only one company left. But the quality of this product is unlike any scissor you have ever seen. Ernest Wright opened for business in 1902, and ever since, it has been known the world over for amazing cutlery products. The Wright family has been involved in the scissors trade since the 1800’s. As far back as records can be found, Walter Wright – a renowned ‘Little Mester’ of Sheffield – specialized in finishing scissor blades as an outworker and was also referred to as ‘Master Scissor Putter-Togetherer’.
A scissor “Putter-Togetherer” is the proud title given to the holder of a five-year-to-fully-apprenticed skill set and trade, known and still used in the industry today. To fully understand what a “Putter-Togetherer” is, you must see the film “The Putter”; which was created by a man named Shaun Bloodworth and Sheffield University.

The company was struggling to regain ground lost in a global market to cheap overseas production, and this beautiful and fascinating film went viral on the internet and brought buyers from around the world, including Olde Towne Cutlery. The successful turn around was thoroughly documented by the BBC in another film called “The Disappearing Art of Scissor Making”. Both films are fascinating, and a must see for anyone who appreciates handmade traditional products.

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