The founding year of the “DOVO” steelworks company was 1906, according to the documents from the District Court of the then free municipality of Wald near Solingen. At the beginning the company “DOVO” was a pure razor knife factory with forging and hollow grinding. The founders were Messrs Dorp and Voos.

In 1930 Solingen was enlarged by incorporation (also the municipality of Wald) and the Reichsverordnung to the protection of the name Solingen in 1938 gave pride and security and an even greater sense of home.

When Mr. Dorp and Voos wanted to retire, Fritz Bracht took over the company »DOVO« shortly before World War II. A good grip, since the small knight with sword and hammer had meanwhile conquered markets in Western Europe and North America. Even during the war, the Knight’s symbol succeeded in finding and consolidating the way abroad. Fritz Bracht had to secure a second leg by hair shearing by the introduction of the electric shaving apparatus. He groaned with the users in the salons of his hometown and elsewhere and learned what he wanted and wanted to know about hair scissors. EUREKA, a hair & Thinning scissors with curved wading, again brought momentum into post-war operation.

1951the young technician Mertens joins the company. He is pushing forward the production of scissors with the “Old Hare”. Ernst Kirschbaum, with Haustorium and Doktorhut, entered the company as a Schwiesersohn in 1953. The catching-up demand after rubble years and additional young workforce increase the operation with temperament. The motto was “New brands for new markets”.

The following brands and / or companies were taken over:

1952 – brand tennis (razor)

1957 – brand Bismarck (razor)

1957 – brand Anchor flag (razor) by company Carl Rader

1968 – firm Erich Hartkopf. Shearing machines came from the brand Teufelskerle

1969 – brand Kronpunkt (razor) from Heups

1970 – company Fontana (razor)

1973 – company Heups & Hermes (pedicula and instruments)

1996 – company Merkur (shaving device)

Together with the longtime managing director Jürgen Stremmel leads after the death of Dr. Ernst Kirschbaum, his son, Dipl.-Kfm. Markus Kirschbaum, continued the parental company in the third generation.


“DOVO” returns to its origins as a razor company. Under the managing partner Dipl.-Kfm. Markus Kirschbaum and the Managing Director Dipl.-Ing. Ulrich Wiethoff, the razor blade production at »DOVO« and the MERKUR shaving machine production are brought to a modern stand. The wet razor has long since become the most important topic at »DOVO«.


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