Dogwood Custom Knives

Dan Eastland has always had an interest in knives, since he was a little boy following his father around the foothills of North Georgia. Dan views knife-making as his calling, saying, “I go to bed at night reading about knives and wake up thinking about knives”.

Dan has been a landscaper, served in the U.S. Army as an infantryman, been a carpenter, furniture maker, avid outdoors-man, and of course, is a custom knife maker!

In 2002, Dan was faced with some family decisions and began a different path than the one he was currently following. He started making furniture in his basement. Dan later went to a blacksmith shop, where he made his first Bowie. From that day forward, he was addicted!

Dan later apprenticed under Andy Roy, of Fiddleback Forge. Upon apprentice graduation he continued to work alongside Fiddleback Forge and Fletcher Knives, soaking up and taking in as much information as he could about knife-making.

Dan resides in South Carolina, where he has his knife shop, Dogwood Custom Knives. If you are lucky enough to own a Dogwood, you have made a great purchase and will not be disappointed in the fit, finish and execution!

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