Sharpening with diamonds results in the finest, sharpest edges, and Diamond Machining Technology (DMT) products are the finest Diamond Sharpening products available. What does the “DMT® Difference” mean? Simply put, DMT® has done only one thing since 1976; innovate and build the world’s best diamond sharpeners.
DMT uses only micronized monocrystalline diamonds produced using a proprietary process that ensures very consistent grit size. Users can rely on DMT sharpeners to provide exactly the finish they want with no scratches where they don’t belong.
DMT’s sharpeners have the most diamond per square inch in the industry. This means your DMT® sharpener will give you the highest level of performance for many years.
Employing know-how developed over our 35 years of continuous improvement DMT ensures that your sharpener is the flattest available and will never hollow or groove. Flatness is critical so that your woodworking tools can provide the precision results for which they were designed.
The company’s products have been recognized with awards for design from the International Spark Design Awards, for innovation at the International Practical World Exhibition held in Germany and The HANDY Magazine Innovation Awards, as well as SEVEN “Blade Magazine” Knife Accessory of the Year awards. DMT has also been the recipient of a Silver Award in the Merchandising category by the North American Retail Hardware Association (NRHA)

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