Dirk Loots Knives

Dirk Loots is a South African born knife-maker currently living and working in Cumming, Georgia. His knife-making journey began in 2011 after taking a course in South Africa that taught him the possibilities of knives as an art form. By 2016, Dirk had become quite accomplished and entered the high-end “functional-art” market; whereby he immediately garnered the attention and respect of some of the finest knife makers in the world. Today, Dirk Loots knives are becoming highly sought after as the creativity, precision, and execution of his work is absolutely exemplary. Outstanding material selection and flawless execution are hallmarks of a Dirk Loots Knife. Dirk’s work sets a high bar, and once in hand, you will respect each piece as a true masterpiece.

In addition to knives, Dirk is also an accomplished photographer, and was renown in his home country as the preeminent photographer of master knife makers in South Africa. Dirk has had the pleasure of working with phenomenal artisans from across the globe, and his photography skills are available to other knifemakers. For more information about Dirk Loots photography and knives to go www.dirkloots.com.

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