Curtiss Knives


Curtiss Knives might make the best folder in the country. Dave and Stacey started the company in 2008 as a family run, veteran/woman owned small business. Their mission: To make the best knives and give the best customer service possible. Dave’s knives come with an unconditional lifetime warranty. Period. It doesn’t matter if you’re the first owner or the tenth; the knife carries the warranty.

Dave is the master craftsman and the only one in his shop. No magic; just Dave. He starts with a thought and turn it into a CAD drawing. Then he cuts my parts on his own waterjet machine. Next he uses his own CNC machining center for the secondary processes such as milling, drilling, pockets and tapping. He does all blade grinds in-house, by hand on 2″x72″ belt grinders that he designed and built. Other shop equipment includes heat treat oven, blast cabinet, vibe machine and other miscellaneous machines. Anything else is done by hand by me. All knives receive a 20-degree polished edge. So, we do not put Curtiss knives in a “mid-tech” or “production” classification. We call Curtiss knives “CUSTOM” since he owns and operates all machinery in house. As I said, Dave makes one of the finest folders in the country today. You will be proud to own one, and that is a guarantee.

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