A huge chestnut-tree towering above the small Böker hardware-factory in the 17th century is the oldest traceable fact about the Böker family. Apparently Böker tools were very successful, for the ranked among the leading products in Germany and neighboring countries a hundred years later. Due to rising demand in a politically restless era Hermann and Robert Böker decided to start with the production of sabres in 1829. Inventories of September 1830 had already proved a weekly production of 2000 pieces made by 64 smiths, 47 grinders and many additional laborers. By 1865 Boker had established itself in North America under the Boker name.

Though the original tree was felled by lightning in 1925, the company thrives, and the US became their largest market in the 20th century. Though the manufacturing facility was destroyed in WWII, Americans continued to desire these high quality products from Germany. The factory was rebuilt and the business relationship reestablished, making the US the largest consumer market once again. Today, Boker is one of the most respected cutleries in the world, and the Tree Brand and Arbolito trademarks are instantly recognizable as symbols of the utmost quality.

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