Arno Bernard Knives

Arno Bernard Knives are custom made and a family run business. Arno started making knives in the 90’s and his sons have joined the business through the years. He and sons make these beautiful products, and each son with his combined talent has a specific task to complete the knife.

Arno and his wife enjoy traveling together to find each unique piece of handle material for the knives. The handle options range from giraffe, to sheep horn to kudu bone and each piece has its own characteristics. It is with the family’s passion for knife making that each piece is unique, and meets the highest standard of quality with your satisfaction guaranteed. The knives are made with a superior quality steel and only authentic handle materials are selected to make each piece. The knives are freehand hollow ground, heat treated, and hand polished to give you a premium made knife.

From research and product development, to the CEO, Operations Manager and project coordinator, to grinding and testing, and custom Leather making, each family member play a very important part in this business.

Arno has designed these highly useful, yet beautiful knives to be used as practical hunting tools in the field. So, whether you plan to display these stunning pieces or use as an EDC, you will not be disappointed in the performance!

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