The GIANT BURL of Dawson County

We had a little excitement today. For years I have known about a huge walnut burl at the back of my property. Finally I had some time and another set of hands, so today was the day!. We used a chainsaw and cut the burl into two sections. Then we had to make a makeshift stretcher because the burl was so heavy that one person couldn’t pick it up.
This amazing piece will be turned into knife handle material.

After the burl was cut, we realized it was nearly 200 lbs.
So we used our hiking sticks to make a stretcher!

Then we used our belts to strap the burl to our hiking sticks.

We had to walk back with the heavy load through
mountainous terrain with dense mountain laurel.


This will be Kiln Dried and Stabilized.
Look for this to be featured on the site in the coming weeks!!