Russell Reece of Cohutta Knife

Russell Reece is from Ellijay, Georgia, and is part of the explosion of knifemakers from the Peach State. But knifemaking isn’t a new fad for Russell. Since Russell was 6 he’s had a knife in his pocket and a love for knives.

In 2006, Russell met Ron Solomon, who was a previous apprentice of Andy Roy. Russell was searching through old axe heads and he and Ron struck up a bargain. He would teach Ron how to haft an axe in return for being taught how to make a knife! After this conversation Russell immediately dove deeper into knifemaking and ordered his own grinder. The rest is history! Russell started working at Fiddleback Forge in January of 2018 and continues his passion for knifemaking.

Russell has had many influences in his career. Andy Roy being at the top, followed by Ron Solomon, Allen Surls, and Dylan Fletcher; as has the Georgia Custom Knifemaker’s Guild. The Georgia Custom Knife Makers Guild is a teaching guild and one of the strongest organizations of its type in the country. The collective membership a wonderful resource for makers as there is a free and open exchange of information and expertise that helps each member advance their skill.

Russell’s favorite knife pattern is a Sodbuster folder, but he doesn’t really have a favorite fixed blade pattern. In commenting on his own work, Russell states that his knives are meant to be “working knives”. His saying is, “What good is a great looking knife if it’s uncomfortable or lacks control in use?”

Russell’s personal EDC of choice that will typically be found on him is a Great Eastern Bullnose, an Ocoee or the Mini Strebig.


Olde Towne Cutlery is proud to take on Cohutta Knife and represent Russell’s phenomenal work. We are honored to represent him, and you will not be disappointed if you pick up one of his knives!

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