Tindall Knives


Tindall Knives are individually handcrafted with the highest attention to detail. They are made to last with a guarantee for life. Although Tindall Knives are gorgeous, they are tools meant to be used. As Forrest preaches, “a knife is only as good as its heat treat.”, as this is the most important thing on a knife. It determines how easily it will break, how long it will hold an edge, and how sharp it can get.

Tindall Knives has developed a signature Tindall Knives Heat Treat (TKHT) of 01 and 1095 steels over the last 7 years. He uses a proprietary method that seem counterintuitive to industry standards, but ends up with harder hardness and higher toughness and resilience, which means hardness without brittleness, and knives that hold a wicked edge. What that means for Tindall Knife owners is an investment in knives they can trust. The results speak for themselves.

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