Ernest Wright & Son

Ernest Wright & Sons is the finest scissor maker in the world. At one point there were hundreds of scissor making companies in Sheffield England. Today, there is only one company left. But the quality of this product is unlike any scissor you have ever seen. Ernest Wright and Sons opened for business in 1902, and ever since it has been known the world over for amazing cutlery products.

Each blade is hand-ground on a traditional saddle-mounted grinding wheel; wheels that have been used in blade production since steel was invented, the only difference being a slightly more modern power source than the water-driven wheels of yesteryear. The finest grade of carbon and stainless steels are used in the production of Ernest Wright Scissors, and this superior material is matched by exceptional craftsmen who are masters at their trade. We would like to feature a video that conveys the craftsmanship that goes into each pair of products. We sincerely hope you enjoy the film and hope you consider a pair of Ernest Wright scissors. We stock many different styles and we can assure you that these will be the last pair of scissors you ever have to buy; unless a family member gets sticky fingers and walks off with them!

Please watch this incredible film about this amazing factory

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